Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Lock Up

This is a new London group show I'm in, heres the low down:


Exhibition 20th Nov - 10th Dec
A selection of stunning works made available from the most prolific, cutting edge & controversial artists of our generation including:


More Details : | |

All major credit cards accepted online & during Exhibition The Lock Up, Eastcastle House, 27-28 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DH


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Le Monde Dilplomatique

Le Monde Dilplomatique have printed 'Afghan Girl' in their front page article about the war in Afghanistan of the November edition


Saturday, October 24, 2009

AAF SOLD OUT & new dates

AAF has been good again, all flags sold out, and i even bought a nice piece myself by serena partridge from the art-file stand.

Heres my upcoming dates:

• AAF Amsterdam • 29 October - 1 Nov 2009
Mauger modern art stand

• Northern Art • 13-15 November 2009
Liberty Gallery stand

• Edinburgh Art Fair • 20-22 November 2009
Liberty Gallery stand

and i have been selected as the BIG Billboard for edinburgh art fair, so if your in the city keep your eyes out for one of my flags on a big flag on a 40 foot billboard in Edinburgh!

Also, theres a poss show in london TBC, email to go on the mailing list for latest exhibition news!

x pam x

Friday, October 16, 2009

From Wonderland to original

To continue the drawing to flag pepsi challenge,,,, heres the Wonderland original drawing I made as part of the drawing project (to fill an entire vintage french dictionary with drawings) and the original flag, which will be at AAF London next week 22-25 October

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the drawing and the painting

The Trick is a very recent piece on a section of an American flag (it sold at Art London last weekend), here's the original sketch that was the starting point for the piece above (ponytail here)


Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Dring Mobile charity auction on 14th and 15th October

THE HUNTED is in the GETDRINGMOBILE charity auction this Wed & Thursday. If you have not heard about Mike Dring, trust me, he is a legend.

Mike was 23 when he broke his neck in a road traffic accident, resulting in paralysis from the upper chest down – medically he is classified as having a complete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) resulting in Tetraplegia (level C6). Between April 09 and April 2010, friends and family of Mike are attempting to raise money to put towards the purchase of an adapted car which will enable him to drive independently. Mikes needs are such that such a vehicle is highly specialised and comes at a very high price. As part of this fundraising we have organised the GDM Art event and auction which will be held at the Paintworks, Bath Road, Bristol on the 14th and 15th of October.

The doors will be open from 11am to 9pm on Wednesday for a full days viewing of the works going under the hammer. Thursday will be a busy day with the opportunity for further viewing from 12pm.

There will be live painting by Mr Jago, Inkie, Lokey, Felix, Eelus, Xenz, Paris, Boswell, Vermin, Milk and Dora starting at 4pm and the auction including lots by Guy Denning, Pam Glew, Rowdy, Ian Francis and Nick Walker to name but a few, will commence at 7pm. The work can be viewed on line at Dreweatts, and at Bidding can be made in person or live online at on the evening, commission bids will be taken with valid credit/debit card details prior to the event. If you wish to make a commission bid and to register for bidding please contact The GDM team on 07789 971273 or e-mail
The event will also include a fine art ‘mystery’ postcard sale featuring work from award winning artists from all over the world, many of which have shown in the BP portrait awards and with some having work in the National Portrait Gallery their work usually thousands. This sale therefore gives people the opportunity to purchase a piece of art that would usually cost a small fortune, for just £50.
We are also running a raffle to win a portrait painted by Vincent Brown, a multi award winning portrait and figurative artist from Bristol. Tickets will be available at the event and are also available now via the GDM blog at For more information about Vincent Brown and to see examples of his amazing work please visit his web-site at Vince himself will be attending the event and will determine the winner of our very own portrait competition. We hope to see lots of you there, with live painting, music, beer and curry this promises to be a great night.

If you require any further information regarding the event or Get DringMobile please contact

Thursday, October 08, 2009


SO, delivered all the work to ARTLONDON this Tuesday (eleventh hour delivery of art as usual!)....

been daft-busy lately, due to being involved in so many shows in 1 month, (art london, AAF London & Amsterdam, Northern Art & Edinburgh), good job I'm making my best work right now.

oh, yes so Mauger Modern have new work from me for ARTLONDON

The fair opens each day at 11am. Closing times are as follows:

Thursday 8 October 8.30pm
Friday 9 October 8.00pm
Saturday 10 October 8.00pm
Sunday 11 October 8.30pm
Monday 12 October 8.30pm

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Edinburgh Art Fair

Edinburgh Art Fair have used 'Saint' as their image for the Edinburgh Art Fair image- as advertised in Art Review- issue Otober 2009 (the one with Damien Hirst on the front!)

I'll be showing new flags with Liberty Gallery at the fair 20-22 November


Monday, September 28, 2009

Shafted and annoyed

Here’s something I’m trying to spread around, so that no one else gets shafted!...... (please show to all artists.)

I recently gave some work on paper to a chap who i will call 'DODGY' He has pics of this wall on flickr and it has all kinds of street/ urban paste-ups that he has presumably got donated by the artists!

And lo and behold, yesterday I noticed that all the work I gave him.......... was sold on ebay!

And he has other paste-ups for sale which looks suspiciously like donated works

The only thing I can do is warn all artists to not do the same, Don’t send him your tests, prints, paste-ups or any free stuff! He has so far sold 121 things in his god-forsaken ebay shop, its amazing the audacity of it!

Please forward to all artist mates, the guy needs blacklisting (and duffing up a bit)

Best wishes and here’s to not getting shafted!

x pam :(

ranting about it on the banksyforum

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Batch of Drawings

Ever the fan of vintage, antique and old materials, I recently found an old illustrated French Dictionary from 1919. Each of its 791 pages are full of illustrations, maps and little surprises and are the perfect material to embark on a project.

The drawing project is essentially an idea to fill every page of the dictionary with a drawing. Right now I am compelled to sketch characters that are visually striking and have a inner narrative.

Some of these drawings will become large flags in the future, some will remain a one off drawing. I'm currently drawing on the C's, so this is going to be a long project that will morph and change direction as my work develops over the coming months, or maybe years!

Currently these drawings are only availble from Etsy, my online shop,

You can join the RSS feed from the shop to see new drawings listed daily.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Roses at ART LONDON preview

There's Still Life is an International exhibition taking place at Art London in October and Scope Miami in December. A select group of contemporary artists from the US and Europe have been given a simple brief - to take the traditional discipline of Still Life and produce contemporary paintings, drawings and sculpture.

For the show used the 'hybrid tea rose' flower as a starting point. I created 2 handmade 'hybrid' flags, part american flag, part Union Jack. The cross -fertilisation of the flags echo this idea of a flower being a hybrid.

British Rose (above) is a handmade Union Jack, made from a vintage American flag and vintage denim with a blooming rose, Hybrid Rose is part British Ensign, part American flag, made from a very old Ensign Flag, denim, red stripes from a vintage American flag and embroidered linens for a nod to English Tea. Using my dyeing and bleaching technique, the Hybrid Rose is particularly distressed with drips of bleach giving off a naughty decadence.

Preview the works in show on Saturday 19th September in the Bath gallery
Theres a pre-fair preview day at the gallery where a selection of sculpture and paintings especially made for the Still Life show will be available for their first public viewing before they move onto London (my 2 roses will be there).
Come from 11.00am to 7.00pm, have a glass of wine and see for yourself how all the artists have bent, twisted and interpreted the TSL brief.

Mauger Modern Art, Bath
6 Bartlett Street
Bath, UK BA1 2QZ
g: 0044 (0)1225 315 110
m: 0044 (0)7590 527 332

Saturday 19th September
For prices of works in show please RSVP to

Art London - 8-12 October 2009
If you'd like tickets to the fair please rsvp with your address to and let Richard know how many people are in your party.

Art London 2009
8-12 October
Royal Hospital
Chelsea, SW3
Entrance - London Gate on Royal Hospital Road

Other News
Autumn is pretty busy, I will be showing at :

• Art London • 8- 12 October 2009 with Mauger Modern
• AAF London • 22-25 October 2009 with Art-File
• AAF Amsterdam • 29 October - 1 Nov 2009 with Mauger Modern
• Edinburgh Art Fair • 20-22 November 2009 With Liberty

Theres Still Life - ART LONDON
New Drawings added to shop :

Main Site :


Friday, September 11, 2009


Today I met up with Alison & Torben from Brighton's Arty Magazine & had a nice chat about what it is to be an artist in the city, the uphill struggle to making a living as a creative and to now find myself as a full-time artist....... that phrase 'full-time artist' was the pinnacle of what aimed for for about 8 years, and finally last year found myself in a place to give up lecturing and concentrate all my attentions to being an artist... finally!
It really was a decision to do one thing well, when I was a part-time lecturer/ part-time artist I felt like I was always letting people down, whether it was galleries, people wanting a commission, or students, there really was not enough hours in the week to do it all... that phrase too 'do it all'... well I made the leap of faith and am rather please that I did...

This time of year always feels strange though, as for a while I would have spent September planning lectures, now I spend September making work for upcoming shows (like 'English Rose' above & 'Hybrid Rose' top which will be at Theres Still Life with Mauger Art for ARTLONDON Fair), having interviews in mags, visiting my framer in Kemptown and frantically making lists..... Its still a busy life, and isn't without stress, theres still late nights, and I'll still be in the studio at least a bit on Saturday and Sunday, but its worth it because its something I love doing, its addictive.

So in a bid to make my work even more a serious thing this week I opened up a business bank account! Blimey, now that is scary

** PS- Congrats to Carl Hardie who won the 300th customer prize! Some collectible booty has now been sent to Carl, including a ltd edition bag and a postcard pack. **


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

September totes for all

As im gearing up for more shows in October than I've ever done before...... I will be drawing like theres no tomorrow, some will be prep drawings for the work going to Artlondon, AAF London, Edinburgh Art & AAF Amsterdam, so keep tabs on the shop

And as Ive gone passed my 300th mile stone (congrats carl for being number 300!), I am giving away a tote bag for all orders in September

This week I've repainted my studio dazzling white and have been re-sorting and having a mass chuck out of wood, fabric, metal and anything not nailed down! So, Time for an Autumn clean up.

I'll be posting pics of the new space soon and Arty mag are coming to interview me at the end of the week, so I'm looking forward to a chin wag in my cleaner brighter studio, funny how the work seems to glow more on a white wall.... I think it'll be in the next issue so if your a Brighton resident, keep your ear to the ground and look out for a piece on me & my little flag-land.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who will be lucky number 300

I've loved having my own online shop, and have so far had 298 sales.... so only 2 more to go to the 300 miles stone.

So I've decided that as big thanks who ever makes the lucky 300th sale will get a free tote bag & postcard pack (worth $25). So you can write to your friends on the lush cards and strut around like me on the beach with a nice new bag (or give it to a girlfriend!)

Be lucky number 300 & Check out the shop here

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New drawing

.. just come back from holiday in Sardinia.... stunning place.... whilst on the beach i did some drawings:


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drawing again

Today I signed all the Red Propeller prints, popped them in the post (well super-wrapped them in bubble, wood, clingfilm and fragile tape) and got down to scanning some new drawings.A recent love of drawing has emerged in me, and I have to say that I have re-found my addiction to sketching. They are still on 'something old' as ever, a French antique dictionary, with some beautiful illustrations and maps, I'm realising that theres something instantly gratifying from sketching.
I'm putting up some new ones on the online shop..
I'm currently gone through all the A's and now on the B's.. this could be a long project........

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Preview of LA Show

The online preview for the LA group show at Carmichael is available to view here
Please contact to purchase available work.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

August at Carmichael

Here's the lush flyer for the August show at Carmichael
I'll be showing 6 very new pieces for the show including 'Candypop Anti-christ' on the bottom of the flyer

Show dates are August 6 – August 27 with Pam Glew, Andrea Michaelsson (from B-toy), Candice Tripp & Cherri Wood.

In the front gallery space will be 'Celebrity will eat itself' a solo show from the mighty Guy Denning

For buyers enquiries please contact Elisa
Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art - 1257 N. La Brea Avenue - West Hollywood, CA 90038


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New work for Carmichael show

Recently finished some work for the Carmichael show..... here's the first few

• Los Angeles •
6 - 27 August 2009, Carmichael Gallery, Hollywood, USA
Guy Denning * Pam Glew * Candice Tripp * Andrea (from Btoy) * Cherri Wood

Saint. 2009.
72 x 118cm/ 28 x 47 inches
Bleach & Dye on handmade Union Jack made from vintage denim and American flag.
Wonder. 2009.
90 x 61 cm / 35 x 24 inches
Bleach & Dye on Vintage American flag.
Candypop Antichrist. 2009.
70 x 120 cm/ 28 x 47 inches
Bleach & Dye on handmade Union Jack made from vintage denim and American flag.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hot from the magic bleaching room. Last week I finished this, my latest commision, its on a handmade palestinian flag:
It was quite a feat of sewing, (although it looks deceptively simple). Of course vintage Palestinian flags don't come up much, so i had to make it. It was surprisingly tricky to find vintage fabric that was the same colour as a palestinian flag. I've now realised that there must be super strong dyes in flags that with stand dyeing them black and bleaching back to their original colour, without going white! I tried to dye some linen green, then dyed it black and it just bleached back to white! So i made this out of a vintage Italian flag (which is a good green), and some vintage red linen, and used the flag rivets from the italian flag to finish it off.

probably my most detailed, eye yet!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Flags

Here's some new flags I've made very, very recently, finished last week

I had a little break from 'flag-world' while I made some black brocade works, for the NOIR show , and now feel a slight draw back to flags, theres something magical about bleaching on flags in that you never know what its going to look like until its finished. Some blues go blue (like in Void), others go grey (like in New World), and some just fade to cream (like in Forgotten), so each piece has a big case of random chemical reactions.

The first 2 (Void & New World) will be going to Affordable Art Fair in Bristol with Mauger Modern who are based in Bath. I haven't ever shown my flags in the Bristol AAF, (but have in the last 2 London ones), so it'll be interesting how they are perceived.

Theres been a definate change in my flags recently, the figues are less vulnerable, they are more strong perhaps. I guess thats the positive light that Obama brings, I feel more hopeful for america now than england's foggy future. Obama has the skills to be look empathetic and clever whilst looking like a super-hero. Our boy Gordon Brown however, is mostly seen mumbling, apologysing and looking like a use car salesman, So this month I've unashamedly make 3 more American flags.

I have been attempting of late to make a denim union jack, but having spent about 4 days sewing, pinning and generally wrecking my sewing machine, I had a small hissy fit, tossed it on the fabric pile and vowed to stick to ready-mades.

Void, flag size 87 x 50 cm Dye, bleach and discharge on vintage American flag

New World, flag size 60 x 90 cm, Dye and bleaching technique on embroidered American Flag

Forgotten, flag size 87x 143 cm Dye and bleaching techniques on vintage American flag


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brighton Open House

Come and eat cake, 3 floors of great art in one of Brighton's best and biggest open houses, check out: for a list of all the artists

Open May 2+3, 9+10, 16+17, 23+24 from 11am - 4pm.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


April Alternative this week.....

Brighton's best kept secret Fairtrade Gallery, is host to some rather special gigs this week.

This weeks art on the walls includes a backdrop by me, original stencils by Jim Sanders, paintings by Craig Shuttlewood and tattoo prints by Alex Binnie.

26 Montague Place

Thurs 16th April

£4, 8pm-11pm

Sharon Lewis (formally of Pooka) brings her lyrical delicate and beautiful voice to the April Alternative

Fri 17th April


£7, 8pm-11pm

I saw Tom play last year at another special little gig at Fairtrade, he's very funny too and his songs are captivating, kinda of story-like and totally transfixing the audience with his enigmatic American blues..........

Sat 18th April


£5, 8pm-11pm

Tenebrous Liar are full on guitar fuelled, rock heavy, low down, gut churningly good,,,,, think Queens of the Stone Age mixed with some Nick Cave (some say Nirvana meets Cohen)... sounds good to me

The first 5 peeps to say 'BAG' when booking tickets for TENEBROUS LIAR, will get a Fairtrade Tote bag designed by me ->

For all April Alternative tickets call 07990 511576

Next week I will be taking over the gallery with new flags and work on fabric which will be the backdrop to the final week of April Alternative gigs:

£3, 8pm-11pm

£3, 8pm-11pm

FREE ENTRY, 2pm -11pm

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

April Alternative

Brighton's brand new independent art festival kicks off at Kemptown's Fairtrade Gallery on April 2nd

FAIRTRADE have always believed that Art & Music are best enjoyed together, so every weekend they will be juxtaposing musicians, performers & artists for intinate and unique candlelit events


16th - 22nd April
I'll be covering some of the walls alongside Binnie, Sanders & Shuttlewood

23rd - 26th April
And I'll be given free reign to flag up the space in a kind of tiny solo show!


check out for all the gig listings and more art too.

Call 07990 511576 FOR gig info and gig tickets


Friday, March 13, 2009

EVENT : Artist Talk

I'm doing an artist talk at my solo show at Stella Dore, London.

I'll be chatting about how I make the work, processes, technique and about the films too.
As its subject to capacity, if you'd like to go, please email

Saturday 21 March 3 pm


Thursday, March 12, 2009

NOIR is now online

Thanks again to all that came to the opening of NOIR, the exhibition is on this week and next, until Saturday 21st March (open Tuesday- Saturday, 11am-6pm). 47 Rivington Street, London, OLD STREET TUBE.

For you online-lovers, the show is now online, click on the links below:

* ONLINE STORE (including screenprints from £80 and the new bags for £15)

* ORIGINALS (including the embroideries, flags and brocades)


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Photos from Thursday's opening night

The neon outside, Rivington Street

Bittersweet (edition of 10)
The Plot (on brocade)

Lake, Blood Money, Glimmer of Light & CASINO

People at the PV on Thursday
Panorama of the space (upstairs) with Numb on the leftDownstairs peeps at the Preview

VIEW complete catalogue here



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