Wednesday, June 18, 2008


this is just a quicky as I am meant to be stitching a big flag for graffle (perfecting the art of procrastination again)

& Hip Art have both put up new work available online::


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The last few days have been a bit tough. Fathers day seems to have been on heat this year.

(Forgive me for I have sinned by ©opy®ight)

my dad died over 2 years ago from cancer,
oddly enough, i got a little inheritence which was the financial boost i needed to go self employed and get an art studio & start to take my work more seriously...... in reality it was a bitter/ sweet pill to swallow, loosing a father to such a desperately undignified illness was harsh, but on the flip side i suddenly had this near 'perfect' existence of being a full time artist.

(Model 12 small by rosie emerson)

It's weird how things can never be perfect, you take the rough with the smooth i guess ....

So I heard about Cancersell a few months ago and as it contained the "C" word, i ignored it, if i read about cancer i usually cry within about 30 seconds, seriously. I pulled myself together, jesus after 2 and a half years it should be ok to read about cancer without crumbling like a wet i read about it on the flickr group:

Operation magic kingdom by James Cauty

Then I saw the awesome other artists taking art on their site:

And I had to get involved

I will be donating something to this very worthy cause (me thinks it will be a Crime scene screen print)

So, its ok (i love this!)

It's Ok by sighn

Cancer Sell will be held at:

31st July 2008 - 98 Leonard Street, London, EC1V 9AY. 6pm - 11pm.

For futher info please visit:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Embroideries in their frames & Kate framed

It was another Saturday hanging out in the Fairtrade gallery, im feeling like part of the furniture there now.....

I said bye bye to the Shroud of Paris & said hello to the nice chap who bought her, I was more than a little tongue tied trying to say who was in the image, the public either love 'her' or hate 'her', mostly the latter i guess, so I'm not about to admit it here :)

Also, the new Kate flag was picked up as Tim had made a cracking frame for her, super slick as ever, Kate's new owner also collected all the bounty of stuff bought from the show (cheers L!),

i like the way kate has an american flag reflected in her frame, (purely accidental) she did 'make it' in america after the coke story I guess

It feels a little bit sad to take down the show- but happily they are all finding new homes.....


Heres some pics I took of my new framed embroideries, they will soon be on the art-el site :

this week its all about proofing my new screen print for Graffle, finishing 2 flags for the Graffle show, one is a 9 footer so it will take some time...... big is beautiful.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just looked on the Graffle site & noticed they have a list of all the artists taking part this year, the Village Underground is a great space, I will be making a massivo flag for it..... 2 metres ish..... big....

Heres the info::


After the huge success of the first Graffle last xmas, GRAFFLE 2 is launching this summer.

GRAFFLE is a charity raffle of urban/street/graffiti art with all the money raised being donated to three children’s charities. 50 worldwide artists will each be donating a unique piece of original work, all of which will be raffled, with tickets costing just £10.

All the art will be on public show in London
(18th – 20th July at The Village Underground)

and Bristol (10th – 12th Sept at Paint Works) with the draw taking place in Bristol on 12th September.

This is a great charity project, with an amazing list of artists donating work and well worth supporting, plus you never know you may win something fantastic!

For full details or to purchase tickets and for the amazing artist list please visit:

Sunday, June 01, 2008


I made this new American flag embroidery, its kinda creepy


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