Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The last few days have been a bit tough. Fathers day seems to have been on heat this year.

(Forgive me for I have sinned by ©opy®ight)

my dad died over 2 years ago from cancer,
oddly enough, i got a little inheritence which was the financial boost i needed to go self employed and get an art studio & start to take my work more seriously...... in reality it was a bitter/ sweet pill to swallow, loosing a father to such a desperately undignified illness was harsh, but on the flip side i suddenly had this near 'perfect' existence of being a full time artist.

(Model 12 small by rosie emerson)

It's weird how things can never be perfect, you take the rough with the smooth i guess ....

So I heard about Cancersell a few months ago and as it contained the "C" word, i ignored it, if i read about cancer i usually cry within about 30 seconds, seriously. I pulled myself together, jesus after 2 and a half years it should be ok to read about cancer without crumbling like a wet lettuce.so i read about it on the flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/cancersell/

Operation magic kingdom by James Cauty

Then I saw the awesome other artists taking art on their site: http://www.cancersell.org.uk

And I had to get involved

I will be donating something to this very worthy cause (me thinks it will be a Crime scene screen print)

So, its ok (i love this!)

It's Ok by sighn

Cancer Sell will be held at:

31st July 2008 - 98 Leonard Street, London, EC1V 9AY. 6pm - 11pm.

For futher info please visit:



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