Sunday, June 15, 2008

Embroideries in their frames & Kate framed

It was another Saturday hanging out in the Fairtrade gallery, im feeling like part of the furniture there now.....

I said bye bye to the Shroud of Paris & said hello to the nice chap who bought her, I was more than a little tongue tied trying to say who was in the image, the public either love 'her' or hate 'her', mostly the latter i guess, so I'm not about to admit it here :)

Also, the new Kate flag was picked up as Tim had made a cracking frame for her, super slick as ever, Kate's new owner also collected all the bounty of stuff bought from the show (cheers L!),

i like the way kate has an american flag reflected in her frame, (purely accidental) she did 'make it' in america after the coke story I guess

It feels a little bit sad to take down the show- but happily they are all finding new homes.....


Heres some pics I took of my new framed embroideries, they will soon be on the art-el site :

this week its all about proofing my new screen print for Graffle, finishing 2 flags for the Graffle show, one is a 9 footer so it will take some time...... big is beautiful.

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