Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Art Stars Auction

Phillips de Pury & Company has announced the exhibition & Auction of Art Stars!

I made the first Artstar back in January this year & since then its been shown in different locations around Europe, including Italy, Sweden, Germany & Amsterdam. 42 works have since been made by Europe’s emerging contemporary artists in conjunction with Polo Jeans Co.

Here's some pics of my Artstar in progress (all photos by Sam Christmas).

The exhibition & auction of all of the Artstars in London to be auctioned on Monday 6th November at Phillips de Pury & Company. And viewing is 4 - 10 December

Auction 6 December 2010
Howick Place, London

Viewing 4 - 10 December

Check out more info at the ARTSTARS website


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Circus Gallery shots

ere's some pics of the Circus Solo Show, Presented by Death by Daylight & Eddie Lock at Red Bull Studios, London Bridge.

The show was fantastic, thanks to everyone that came and made it wicked!

And here's some pics of the space after the Opening Night:
Gallery View from left: Dancer (Portrait of Francoise Dorleacas as Solange in 'Les Demoiselles de Rochefort', with circus lights.) Hunter (Portrait of Hunter S Thompson with Vegas lights.) A Certain Kind of Love (Portrait of Edie Sedgwick from Warhol's Screen test.)

Gallery View from left: Kate - above the piano (Portrait of Kate Moss on vintage Union Jack), Twiggy (Portrait of Twiggy with bow tie.), Blondie (Portrait of Debbie Harry.) , Loop (Portrait of Jane Birkin.)

Gallery View from left: Kate, Twiggy, Blondie, Looop, Wonder Wheel (Portrait of Mia Farrow from 'A Dandy in Aspic' with Coney Island lights.), Erotica (Portrait of Jane Fonda as Barbarella.)

Check out the retro carpets.

The show closes December 2nd, but I have got a handful of catalogues left, so email me or get in touch with Eddie Lock.

Theres more pics on the FACEBOOK PAGE which I am much better at updating than this rather unkept and erratic blog!


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The circus is coming to town

Uncontrollably excited about my forthcoming show, its hosted by Eddie Lock & Death By Daylight, at Red Bull Studios in London Bridge. Yes a show south of the river, its like the new East End didn't you know?

'Circus' wil feature 15 brand spanking new pieces on flags, vintage American, British, Italian, French and a Swiss flag & some new handmade wall pieces which are abit special.

Oh and if you'd like any further info about the show, please email Eddie at

Hope to see you there x


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opening night at Moniker

So, we dropped in on Moniker Art Fair tonight, and I have to say thats the nicest and coolest Art Fair experience going, great vibe, the best urban art I've seen for a long time, friendly face... great to finally meet the Carmichaels & to chat with the lovely Jasmine & Falk of Herakut.

Big props to Frankie Shea for co-organising and ta for putting up 'Haunt' my flag on the Campbarbossa stand! Haunt has a new framing stylee- white background instead of the usual black. I took abit of convincing but it does looks pretty nice, so maybe I'll get afew more framed in white in the future.

The opening night was busy, heaving with the London Shoreditch cool sipping on the sparkling pink vino and having very engaging chats. With stunning art throughout, the Project spaces by Herakut and Polly Morgan were a particular highlight for me. Good to see some of the Art Star artists around too; the brilliant Matt Small had a wicked piece in Black Rat & Stefan Strumbel's clock was a nice treat.
Moniker is a perfect start to Art Fair season, check out the programme over the weekend...

The fair continues:
October 15th
- 11am-9pm/ Open to the public
- 12pm onwards/ Live Paint on Exterior Walls by Artists HERKUT
- 11.30pm-12.45 / RJ Rushmore Inside/Outside Fair Walk-through
- 1.30pm-2.45 / RJ Rushmore Inside/Outside Fair Walk-through
- 5pm-7pm/ Film Screening - Guerilla Art by Sebastian Peiter
- 7pm-9pm/ Very Nearly Almost Magazine Launch - Guest List Only

October 16th
- 11am-9pm/ Open to the public
- 12pm onwards/ Live Paint on Exterior Walls by Artist CASE
- 7pm-9pm/ Film Screening - Beautiful Losers by Aaron Rose

October 17th
- 11am-5pm/ Open to the public/
- 12pm onwards/ Live Paint on Exterior Walls by Artist TITI-FREAK
- 1pm-3pm/ Film Screening - Bomb It 2 by Jon Reiss

I've added all my photos to Flickr here,


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moniker Art Fair

As the nights draw in, Art Fair season begins again. The first event in the diary is Monker Art Fair, which opens in the enigmatic Village Underground (the cool place in Shoreditch with the tube trains at the top). Campbarbossa will have my new work, alongside galleries from LA, New York and Milan.

Village Underground • 54 Holywell Lane • London • EC2A 3PQ

October 14th LAUNCH NIGHT
- 5pm-7pm/ Private View - Guest List Only
- 7pm-9pm/ Open to the public

October 15th
- 11am-9pm/ Open to the public
- 12pm onwards/ Live Paint on Exterior Walls by Artist CASE
- 1pm-2.30 / RJ Rushmore Inside/Outside Fair Walk-through
- 5pm-7pm/ Film Screening - Guerilla Art
- 7pm-9pm/ Very Nearly Almost Magazine Launch - Guest List Only

October 16th
- 11am-9pm/ Open to the public
- 12pm onwards/ Live Paint on Exterior Walls by Artists HERAKUT
- 7pm-9pm/ Film Screening - Beautiful Losers

October 17th
- 11am-5pm/ Open to the public/
- 12pm onwards/ Live Paint on Exterior Walls by Artist TITI-FREAK
- 1pm-3pm/ Film Screening - (TBA)

Free admission through out the duration of the fair.

I have a limited amount of private view entries, please contact me at

For more info please visit


Friday, August 20, 2010

Fizzy Pop

hello chaps,

Its Friday and I've been feeling the 1960s vibe, so the studio walls are covered in dolly girls, factory girls, cult legends & red and white twisted psychedelic patterns. I'm collecting some pretty awesome cola signs, this 'Nichol Kola' sign is my first and certainly the start of something of a collection..... I dont drink cola, make my mouth feel abit to sugary, but I love the slick typography. Apparenly its got vitamin B1 added, which has got to be good for you, right?

I watched the fab Julie Christie in 'Darling' the other night, awesome for sixties inspiration, pattern, infidelity, swinging, black eye-liner and a hauntingly good performance by the actress. Theres something lovely and nostalgic about phone boxes, they don't seem to be needed anymore, with everyone shouting on their iphones, but what a beautiful image, so secretive and conspiratorial to be in a phone box calling a lover.

Monday, August 09, 2010

New interview on I the God

I the God is a good read, lots of interviews with artists from all over. Hayden Kays asked me some pretty interesting questions (not the usual stuff about who what why and when) take a look here

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sketching cult legends - guys

I'm prepping for the London show at the end of the year. (its going to be a very cool show in Winter- all based on cult legends, with a strong retro vibe). So I'm debating between which cult figures to depict. You will all have your favourites, I have mine...... Whats so interesting though is that someones cult idol is anothers hideous hate figure! I like Dennis Hopper, and am pretty keen on Warhol too, but theres such a fine line between cult figure and 'over-exposed-legend-thats-done-to-death'.

Personally I like writers, dark rugged ones that look like they dont get enough day light. But also beautifully hip kids. Its hard to decide, so far I've been given a massive long list through facebook (thanks friends!) So in order to narrow it down abit I'm doing some sketches to decide whose faces are worth making a flag for.

Some of the latest drawings as part of my self-inflicted drawing project called The Illustrated Dictionary include a young Dennis Hopper (top), with a rugged vibe, and Jack Kerouac (below), writer of On the Road. The beats is an era I'm playing with at the moment, but am also massively drawn to the early 1960s girls. I'll pop back with a progress report soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Korea International Art Fair

I have cool news of more far flung cities.

Seoul is hosting the Korea International Art fair, and some of my new work is heading there.
Mauger Modern will be taking part in KIAF and will be showing new work by their artists from 9-13 September.

This will be my first show in Asia, so quite a nice thing for me. Europe -tick, USA - tick, Australia- tick, just need a show in Africa now and I'll have covered all bases!

If you happen to be in Korea and want to see it, more info is here

Oh, and Mauger Modern can be found at


Monday, June 21, 2010

I've been drawing

So after a bit of a break from the drawing project, I'm now back from Sydney and fully emersed into UK time zone and loving getting back into drawing.

The idea is to fill every page of an antique French dictionary with a drawing, I'm somewhere around the D's now, and think at this rate it will probably take another 2 years, so stay posted!

I'm into inks at the mo', so the next batch is in brown ink, white ink which is pretty lovely to use and indian inks... the first few drawings were pencil and charcoal, so I'm slowly evolving....

New ones are now online here in the shop


Monday, June 07, 2010

Art Star in Progress

Here's some pics of my Art Star in Progress, I made back in January when it was snowing and oh so icy cold. The actual wooden star was made in Munich and a guy drove it all the way from Munich to my studio in the snow! Poor guy, he was knackered when he delivered it. We had to get it in the studio via an ice covered fire exit in the dark. Tricky and more than abit dangerous.

Anyway, so me & Victoria got to work making a denim patchwork for it (kinda like making a poncho for a star), which was appliqued, dyed and bleached, washed and bleached some more, and washed again, all stitched up. The front is based on a carousel, wheel of death/ knife throwers star, in the circus kinda vibe, with a portrait in bleach of an all American girl. The whole star is hand sewn and upholstered, so it looks kinda neat.

See the movie: Pam Glew Art Star video here


Friday, May 21, 2010

Interview for BBM

Here's an interview I did in Sydney for BBM

Click here to read the interview

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Luminaries Pam Glew exhibition at Bicker Gallery

Movie of the hanging & opening night of Luminaries solo show at Bicker Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Kluster interview

While in Sydney I did afew interviews with Australian mags & blogs

Click here for the Kluster mag interview

Monday, April 05, 2010

Kylie - Pam Glew

Kylie - Pam Glew
Originally uploaded by Pam Glew
'Kylie' New Flag for Luminaries show in Sydney

Sunday, March 07, 2010


My new show opens in Sydney, Australia, from 6th May until 22 May 2010.

With a new collection of work based on the Australian flag & Australian luminaries, the paintings are all intricately made from vintage denim, linen and cotton, with integrated portraits made using my bleaching technique. This show houses my most manipulated and detailed flag series, each flag is handmade and individual.

For my first show in the Southern hemisphere, the work will feature the UK’s favorite Australian sisters – Danni and Kylie Minogue. I also took inspiration from the Australian flag itself, with hints of astronomy and a star lit night sky. Each portrait could almost be a film still with an extraordinary luminance which seems to radiate or reflect light.

For more info on the opening night & the address which will be released nearer the opening date, please join mailing list at or visit

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Liberty & Fortune

Couple of new flags that made it to London Art Fair, with Mauger Modern.

Fortune. 2010
Flag size 168 x 107 cm
Bleaching technique & dye on vintage American flag in black box frame

Liberty. 2010.
Flag size 148 x 85 cm
Bleaching technique & dye on vintage American flag in black box frame

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Starts with Candy, ends with Napalm

Just found this, the translated in English issue of Le Monde Diplomatique.

They published Afghan Girl on the cover in the article Starts with Candy, ends with Napalm

Read article the full here:


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