Tuesday, March 18, 2008

beautiful nightmare

here my newest piece-

Beautiful Nightmare 2008 65 x 145 cm bleach on black brocade

Friday, March 07, 2008

new flag

just finished my newest flag- Hollywood Disaster,.its just freakily coincidental that I called the image 'Hollywood disaster' when I was starting the FEAR series months ago & now my first international show is in Hollywood, a very happy accident!
The red Hollywood Disasters have all sold, so thought I would make a flag of it, she is Sharon Tate (also seen in Darned & Star Gazer & Bathing with Bats), she had such a beautiful strength to her face, almost boyish, there is a bit of Warhol in here- maybe its the hair.....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

another fear added

this is my latest addition to the ever expanding fear series, its available from the etsy shop, and is worked from a screen still i took from a rather haunting film called 'house of wax' the recent one with paris hilton, oh yes, paris hilton that classic actress!
this is elisha cuthbert as she wanders around the house of wax- a film not for the faint hearted

things have gone a bit crazy

im not one to overreact, but just lately things have been getting a little bit crazy...

for so many years i have been quietly making work, for no one really but my little self, but since xmas the tide seems to have changed; people, random lovely strangers are actually buying my work....

this is really quite a recent happening; only this week a mysterious art collector from russia has bought a large flag, a nice chap from the west country and a nice guy in bristol. oh and the hollywood show has sold the big flag called crime scene too

(phew, i think i need a whiskey).

furthermore, I have a solo show in may at fairtrade gallery in brighton, and previously I thought i didnt really need to make much more work for it, but now it seems I have nothing available.....................

(best get back to flag sewing then, me thinks :)


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