Wednesday, March 05, 2008

things have gone a bit crazy

im not one to overreact, but just lately things have been getting a little bit crazy...

for so many years i have been quietly making work, for no one really but my little self, but since xmas the tide seems to have changed; people, random lovely strangers are actually buying my work....

this is really quite a recent happening; only this week a mysterious art collector from russia has bought a large flag, a nice chap from the west country and a nice guy in bristol. oh and the hollywood show has sold the big flag called crime scene too

(phew, i think i need a whiskey).

furthermore, I have a solo show in may at fairtrade gallery in brighton, and previously I thought i didnt really need to make much more work for it, but now it seems I have nothing available.....................

(best get back to flag sewing then, me thinks :)

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