Friday, August 20, 2010

Fizzy Pop

hello chaps,

Its Friday and I've been feeling the 1960s vibe, so the studio walls are covered in dolly girls, factory girls, cult legends & red and white twisted psychedelic patterns. I'm collecting some pretty awesome cola signs, this 'Nichol Kola' sign is my first and certainly the start of something of a collection..... I dont drink cola, make my mouth feel abit to sugary, but I love the slick typography. Apparenly its got vitamin B1 added, which has got to be good for you, right?

I watched the fab Julie Christie in 'Darling' the other night, awesome for sixties inspiration, pattern, infidelity, swinging, black eye-liner and a hauntingly good performance by the actress. Theres something lovely and nostalgic about phone boxes, they don't seem to be needed anymore, with everyone shouting on their iphones, but what a beautiful image, so secretive and conspiratorial to be in a phone box calling a lover.

Monday, August 09, 2010

New interview on I the God

I the God is a good read, lots of interviews with artists from all over. Hayden Kays asked me some pretty interesting questions (not the usual stuff about who what why and when) take a look here

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sketching cult legends - guys

I'm prepping for the London show at the end of the year. (its going to be a very cool show in Winter- all based on cult legends, with a strong retro vibe). So I'm debating between which cult figures to depict. You will all have your favourites, I have mine...... Whats so interesting though is that someones cult idol is anothers hideous hate figure! I like Dennis Hopper, and am pretty keen on Warhol too, but theres such a fine line between cult figure and 'over-exposed-legend-thats-done-to-death'.

Personally I like writers, dark rugged ones that look like they dont get enough day light. But also beautifully hip kids. Its hard to decide, so far I've been given a massive long list through facebook (thanks friends!) So in order to narrow it down abit I'm doing some sketches to decide whose faces are worth making a flag for.

Some of the latest drawings as part of my self-inflicted drawing project called The Illustrated Dictionary include a young Dennis Hopper (top), with a rugged vibe, and Jack Kerouac (below), writer of On the Road. The beats is an era I'm playing with at the moment, but am also massively drawn to the early 1960s girls. I'll pop back with a progress report soon!


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