Monday, September 29, 2008

New embroideries

Just took some pics of the framed evil, psycho, killer, now avilable through Art-el:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Print Release

Window to the World has now been released by the lovely people at Graffle. Its vital stats are:

Artist: Pam Glew
Title: Window to the World
Medium: Screen Print
Paper Size: 105cm x 70.5cm
Ink image area: 73cm x 51cm
Edition: 30

Signed & Dated bottom right
Titled & numbered bottom left
Published: 2008

Price £150

As its a Charity screen print release it is only available through the Graffle site:

please be a bit patient with the site as lots of people have been checking the site for their auction bids & the raffle wins. But rest assured all the peeps at Graffle are peddling on the bikes & the little hampsters are working overtime on their wheels to try to keep the servers up!

you can view details of the print and production photos on myflickr pages:

Friday, September 05, 2008

the bidding is on.....

If you blinked and missed the show in Village underground, in a nut shell Graffle are an organisation that manage to get good urban artists to GIVE AWAY their work and all proceeds go to childrens charidees, how do they do it? i dont know but its a good cause and we were all children once, so thats why i found myself donating my biggest and possibly best piece ever to the cause...

Graffle have just opened the auction, (which includes ‘Daughter’, 2008. 233 x 128 cm Bleach & dye on Brocade. It really is that big and rather special) the auction closes on until 13th September 2008 at 12:00am (24 hr clock GMT)

To place a bid go to

* Lot No. 1 - Alexandros Vasmoulakis
* Lot No. 2 - Andy Council
* Lot No. 3 - Beejoir
* Lot No. 4 - Cyclops & Mau Mau
* Lot No. 5 - Eelus
* Lot No. 6 - Herakut
* Lot No. 7 - Pam Glew

PS- The Foundry show continues until Sunday- Old street tube, Great eastern street (with me, Copyright, Pure evil, The Krah, Hutch etc)

PPS -The Brick Lane Gallery show continues until Monday – Brick Lane, London (with me, SPQR, Bandit, Kendra Binnie etc)

Oh and I have a brand spanking new website!

Tara for now,

Pam x

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brick Lane Gallery

Just got back from an opening at visual imprints in brighton, really good show, certainly worth a look (jake wood evans, illjoeseph, jeepers & lotz) some real talent.

Last night i was at the Brick Lane opening, heres some pics of the work: 'Crime scene' next to a piece by Irony, 'Hidden' flags and 'Paranoia' flag

The show is on until Monday 8 September and includes SPQR, Bandit, Kendra Binnie, Ben Allen etc....

The Brick Lane Gallery
196 Brick Lane
E1 6SA

0207 729 9721

Nearest tube: Liverpool st - Aldgate East

Open Daily: 12-6pm until Monday 8 September

The Foundry

Last week saw a great show at the Foundry- which is an urban/underground/ street/ call it what you will group show in a gritty yet cool bar..... good to put more faces to names - the show has a great mix of urban styles, The Krah, Snub, Rugman, Mr Gauky & Fors being some of my favs..

The Foundry has a weird massive turntable downstairs which begged to be 'surfed'- needless to say.. it got a bit messy as people wizzed round with beers, kinda like having a merry-go-round in a gallery

This is a proper 'grass roots' show- of thats the right term, artists/ streetsters doing it for themselves, another nice touch was that mostly we knew eachother, which is strangely rare, and well, nice i guess.

This show is only up until Sunday- so go take a look, I had my eye on a few things which I'm kinda kicking myself that I didnt just buy when i was there.
I have this other flag upstairs by the piano called 'Key' which is ironic. Looks a tad more sinister than my previous flags: Approx. 141 x 80 cm Discharge, bleach & dye on vintage american flag.

OPENING NIGHT 28th of August
Exhibition is open until the 7th of September

Down stairs gallery at the Foundry:
86 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3JL
Old Street tube (exit3) t 020 7739 6900
for more info visit:


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