Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Print Release

Window to the World has now been released by the lovely people at Graffle. Its vital stats are:

Artist: Pam Glew
Title: Window to the World
Medium: Screen Print
Paper Size: 105cm x 70.5cm
Ink image area: 73cm x 51cm
Edition: 30

Signed & Dated bottom right
Titled & numbered bottom left
Published: 2008

Price £150

As its a Charity screen print release it is only available through the Graffle site:

please be a bit patient with the site as lots of people have been checking the site for their auction bids & the raffle wins. But rest assured all the peeps at Graffle are peddling on the bikes & the little hampsters are working overtime on their wheels to try to keep the servers up!

you can view details of the print and production photos on myflickr pages:

1 comment:

joseph's art and stuff said...

your work is great, i love your style and the outcome is powerful


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