Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taxidermy, skin and domes

Yesterday was London Art Fair day for me, had a thorough mooch on all the 3 floors with my good old mate from college Nina. Took a whole 5 hours to see all the Fair, 2 coffee breaks and necessitated a stiff drink afterwards.
above • Geza Szollosi • Fox • Taxidermy • Mauger Modern
in background • Pam Glew • Eden • Bleaching on fabric • Mauger Modern

I noted a leaning towards a more subtle pallet in the work on show. Much less shock & awe, more pastel and skin. London art Fair is on 19-23 January

Heres my highlights:

above • Martin C Herbst • Oil and Lacquer on steel ball • Mauger Modern

above • Tessa Farmer • Insects • Vitrines

above • Ione Rucquoi • Second Skin • Ultrachrone on alu-dibond • Bo-lee Gallery, Bath

above • Kelly Ratchford • Vanilla • Jill George Gallery

above • Valeria Nascimento • Pods • Porcelein • Woolf Gallery

Very nice day, although I nearly got into a shouting match with the mini-Hitler-jobsworth-security-nincompoop on the door as i didn't present him with a 'docket' for my purchase. I have a receipt, is that ok? No i am not going back up to the third floor for an f-ing docket. Can I now leave the building please? A strong drink was needed afterwards. You just cant get the staff these days. I recommend that the security men should watch an few episodes of Mary Queen of Shops.

Monday, January 10, 2011

London Art Fair opens 19 January

Happy new year,
After a good rest, plenty of Quality Streets and a good few rounds of Trivial Pursuit & over-eating & drinking, its back to the studio for me.
The First event of the year that I will have work at is London Art Fair (represented by Mauger Modern, which opens 19 January - 23 January at the Business Design Centre, London. For more info please visit


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