Monday, June 07, 2010

Art Star in Progress

Here's some pics of my Art Star in Progress, I made back in January when it was snowing and oh so icy cold. The actual wooden star was made in Munich and a guy drove it all the way from Munich to my studio in the snow! Poor guy, he was knackered when he delivered it. We had to get it in the studio via an ice covered fire exit in the dark. Tricky and more than abit dangerous.

Anyway, so me & Victoria got to work making a denim patchwork for it (kinda like making a poncho for a star), which was appliqued, dyed and bleached, washed and bleached some more, and washed again, all stitched up. The front is based on a carousel, wheel of death/ knife throwers star, in the circus kinda vibe, with a portrait in bleach of an all American girl. The whole star is hand sewn and upholstered, so it looks kinda neat.

See the movie: Pam Glew Art Star video here


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