Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Circus Gallery shots

ere's some pics of the Circus Solo Show, Presented by Death by Daylight & Eddie Lock at Red Bull Studios, London Bridge.

The show was fantastic, thanks to everyone that came and made it wicked!

And here's some pics of the space after the Opening Night:
Gallery View from left: Dancer (Portrait of Francoise Dorleacas as Solange in 'Les Demoiselles de Rochefort', with circus lights.) Hunter (Portrait of Hunter S Thompson with Vegas lights.) A Certain Kind of Love (Portrait of Edie Sedgwick from Warhol's Screen test.)

Gallery View from left: Kate - above the piano (Portrait of Kate Moss on vintage Union Jack), Twiggy (Portrait of Twiggy with bow tie.), Blondie (Portrait of Debbie Harry.) , Loop (Portrait of Jane Birkin.)

Gallery View from left: Kate, Twiggy, Blondie, Looop, Wonder Wheel (Portrait of Mia Farrow from 'A Dandy in Aspic' with Coney Island lights.), Erotica (Portrait of Jane Fonda as Barbarella.)

Check out the retro carpets.

The show closes December 2nd, but I have got a handful of catalogues left, so email me or get in touch with Eddie Lock.

Theres more pics on the FACEBOOK PAGE which I am much better at updating than this rather unkept and erratic blog!


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Lamb said...

This gallery is wild looking.
I love how you're work is framed.


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