Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Batch of Drawings

Ever the fan of vintage, antique and old materials, I recently found an old illustrated French Dictionary from 1919. Each of its 791 pages are full of illustrations, maps and little surprises and are the perfect material to embark on a project.

The drawing project is essentially an idea to fill every page of the dictionary with a drawing. Right now I am compelled to sketch characters that are visually striking and have a inner narrative.

Some of these drawings will become large flags in the future, some will remain a one off drawing. I'm currently drawing on the C's, so this is going to be a long project that will morph and change direction as my work develops over the coming months, or maybe years!

Currently these drawings are only availble from Etsy, my online shop,

You can join the RSS feed from the shop to see new drawings listed daily.


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