Monday, September 28, 2009

Shafted and annoyed

Here’s something I’m trying to spread around, so that no one else gets shafted!...... (please show to all artists.)

I recently gave some work on paper to a chap who i will call 'DODGY' He has pics of this wall on flickr and it has all kinds of street/ urban paste-ups that he has presumably got donated by the artists!

And lo and behold, yesterday I noticed that all the work I gave him.......... was sold on ebay!

And he has other paste-ups for sale which looks suspiciously like donated works

The only thing I can do is warn all artists to not do the same, Don’t send him your tests, prints, paste-ups or any free stuff! He has so far sold 121 things in his god-forsaken ebay shop, its amazing the audacity of it!

Please forward to all artist mates, the guy needs blacklisting (and duffing up a bit)

Best wishes and here’s to not getting shafted!

x pam :(

ranting about it on the banksyforum

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