Tuesday, September 08, 2009

September totes for all

As im gearing up for more shows in October than I've ever done before...... I will be drawing like theres no tomorrow, some will be prep drawings for the work going to Artlondon, AAF London, Edinburgh Art & AAF Amsterdam, so keep tabs on the shop

And as Ive gone passed my 300th mile stone (congrats carl for being number 300!), I am giving away a tote bag for all orders in September

This week I've repainted my studio dazzling white and have been re-sorting and having a mass chuck out of wood, fabric, metal and anything not nailed down! So, Time for an Autumn clean up.

I'll be posting pics of the new space soon and Arty mag are coming to interview me at the end of the week, so I'm looking forward to a chin wag in my cleaner brighter studio, funny how the work seems to glow more on a white wall.... I think it'll be in the next issue so if your a Brighton resident, keep your ear to the ground and look out for a piece on me & my little flag-land.

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