Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hot from the magic bleaching room. Last week I finished this, my latest commision, its on a handmade palestinian flag:
It was quite a feat of sewing, (although it looks deceptively simple). Of course vintage Palestinian flags don't come up much, so i had to make it. It was surprisingly tricky to find vintage fabric that was the same colour as a palestinian flag. I've now realised that there must be super strong dyes in flags that with stand dyeing them black and bleaching back to their original colour, without going white! I tried to dye some linen green, then dyed it black and it just bleached back to white! So i made this out of a vintage Italian flag (which is a good green), and some vintage red linen, and used the flag rivets from the italian flag to finish it off.

probably my most detailed, eye yet!


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