Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Flags

Here's some new flags I've made very, very recently, finished last week

I had a little break from 'flag-world' while I made some black brocade works, for the NOIR show , and now feel a slight draw back to flags, theres something magical about bleaching on flags in that you never know what its going to look like until its finished. Some blues go blue (like in Void), others go grey (like in New World), and some just fade to cream (like in Forgotten), so each piece has a big case of random chemical reactions.

The first 2 (Void & New World) will be going to Affordable Art Fair in Bristol with Mauger Modern who are based in Bath. I haven't ever shown my flags in the Bristol AAF, (but have in the last 2 London ones), so it'll be interesting how they are perceived.

Theres been a definate change in my flags recently, the figues are less vulnerable, they are more strong perhaps. I guess thats the positive light that Obama brings, I feel more hopeful for america now than england's foggy future. Obama has the skills to be look empathetic and clever whilst looking like a super-hero. Our boy Gordon Brown however, is mostly seen mumbling, apologysing and looking like a use car salesman, So this month I've unashamedly make 3 more American flags.

I have been attempting of late to make a denim union jack, but having spent about 4 days sewing, pinning and generally wrecking my sewing machine, I had a small hissy fit, tossed it on the fabric pile and vowed to stick to ready-mades.

Void, flag size 87 x 50 cm Dye, bleach and discharge on vintage American flag

New World, flag size 60 x 90 cm, Dye and bleaching technique on embroidered American Flag

Forgotten, flag size 87x 143 cm Dye and bleaching techniques on vintage American flag


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Eric said...

Clever stuff!
To dye for, hehe.


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