Thursday, June 16, 2011


Tomorrow will be the unveiling of 'Old Boots New Laces' in Vibe, Brick Lane.
10 artists have been picked off the streets to customise, paint, deface and generally prettify 1o pairs of Doc Martin boots. Mine were delivered as a nice shiny pair of size 6 cherry reds.... A few pieces of sandpaper, a lung ful of whitespirit, a heady daze of gold spraypaint, red leather laces and some golden flag poles later and my 'INUIT GOLD' pair are finished. Heres a sneaky peak

All ten pairs will be up for sale on the night including a pair by me Pam Glew, Jo Peel, Gonny Van Hulst , Agent Provocateur,Gary Alford, Everett Jaime, Yvonne Wayling, Ben Oakley, Rowan Newton and a whole lot more. Proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The matching Inuit flag will also be on display:
Vibe Gallery, 91-95 Brick Lane, Truman Building, London E1 6QL

Old Boots New Laces
Dates: June 18th 2011 - June 26th 2011

Avoid disappointment and arrive early. Full details or on Tumblr

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