Thursday, June 02, 2011

Catalogue for Archetypes group show

Really looking forward to seeing this show tomorrow, its on for a month, and there's a nice flicky online catalogue, highlights for me are the ever-surprising Herakut, Faith 47s drive by photograph and that Case looks awesome too. Click here for an online preview, or if your coming down to Bristol on Friday 3rd for the PV I'll see you there. (email for Guest List).

View Art Gallery, Upfest & Campbarbossa have teamed up to create 'Archetypes', a rather special urban art show bringing some of the most progressive & diverse international urban artists to Bristol:

Ben Eine • Cas • Dennis John Neff • Faith47 • Futura • Herakut • Holly Thoburn • Jago • Kaws • Labrona • Pam Glew • Phil Frost • Remi/Rough

LIVE PAINT • Outside the gallery on Saturday the 4th June • Herakut, Jago & Case.

EXHIBITION • Saturday June 4th - July 5th, for 4 weeks.

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