Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Archetypes in Bristol

View Art Gallery, Upfest & Campbarbossa have teamed up to create 'Archetypes', a rather special urban art show bringing some of the most progressive & diverse international urban artists to Bristol:

Ben Eine • Cas • Dennis John Neff • Faith47 • Futura • Herakut • Holly Thoburn • Jago • Kaws • Labrona • Pam Glew • Phil Frost • Remi/Rough

LIVE PAINT • Outside the gallery on Saturday the 4th June • Herakut, Jago & Case.

EXHIBITION • Saturday June 4th - July 5th, for 4 weeks.

PRIVATE VIEW • If you would like to attend the Private View on June 3rd, please email

I've just done an interview for View, read it here

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