Thursday, January 15, 2009


OK, So its 2009, its gonna be a good year,

First up is my London solo show titled 'Noir'

I'm the newest addition to the extraordinary and wonderful family of artists at Stella Dore Gallery and am busy working on my show 'Noir' which opens the evening of February 26th, so put that in your diary now....

The work in the show is an exploration of the cinematic imagery of Film Noir. More sophisticated and richer than the horror series, where as the women in the 'fear' work always seemed beautiful but scared, and were basically 'beautiful bait'..... victims....

Times have changed, and America has changed, I'm no longer looking at US as a country run by a loon, no Obama is now in control and I hope the biggest of hopes that he can sort out the can of worms he has inherited, I think he has an incredible job ahead, no one is perfect, and it will take time .. Now our attention is drawn to economy, the money system, banks, corruption and how very fragile our systems are. Corruption, crime, deviousness and winter have led me to watch a lot of Film noir. For it is the movie genre which is set in the darkest of underworlds, dens, gambling joints, seedy clubs, court rooms, its 1940-50s America in the post war era, yet Noir is a seductively delicious feast for the senses.

In quite a reversal, the women in Noir are bad girls; femme fatales, murderesses, adulturers, criminals, hussys.... you get the idea. Dark.

Brocade, flags, and some other surprises will comprise the show.. no more secrets

Check out the 'noir quote of the day' on the homepage:

My current favourite:
"I know you like a book, ya little tramp. You’d sell your own mother for a piece of fudge. But you’re smart with it. Smart enough to know when to sell and when to sit tight. You’ve got a great big dollar sign there where most women have a heart." The Killing (1956)


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