Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Days of Xmas is open now

Once again Steal From Work have crow-barred their way in-between the mince pies, mulled wine and bumper Radio Times to cram 70 of the world's most loved & loathed contemporary urban artists together under one leaky roof for 12 festive fuelled days.

Last year was the first 12 Days of Xmas exhibition. It was held in Bristol's former Bridewell Police Station, and was hugely successful, attracting over 4,000 visitors over the 12 days. It has gone down in history as one of Bristol's best ever art shows and certainly kick started a huge interest in Street Art in the city. As well as proving that you don't need to be in an established, white walled gallery to show brilliant art and attract the crowds.

This year they've assembled art from 70 local, national and international artists, once again mixing some of the scenes leading lights with up and coming artists to provide a massive range of work available to buy at prices to suit all purses or simply just to gaze at…

45RPM - Bristol, ACE - London, ACERONE - Bristol, ADAM KOUKOUDAKIS - UK, ALEXANDROS VASMOULAKIS - Greece, ANDY COUNCIL - Bristol, BEN SLOW - UK, BON - Thailand, CEPT - Hackney, CHINA MIKE - Bristol, CHU - Warsall, CYCLOPS - UK, DAN - Italy, DICY - Bristol, DOC VEK - UK, DOLK - Norway, DORA - Bristol, DOTMASTERS - London, DSCREET - London, EELUS - UK, EMESS - Berin, EMMA CATON - Bristol, FILTHY LUKER - UK, FLX - Bristol, GHOSTBOY - Bristol, GOLDEN SNAFU - unknown, GOLDIE - UK, GUY DENNING - France, HUSH - UK, IAMCXXX - London, IMBUE - Brighton, INKIE - UK, IRI5 - UK, JAMES BAKER - UK, JEF AEROSOL - France, JOHN CLARK - UK, KATE WESTERHOLT - Thailand, LINDA'S EX - Berlin, LUKE DIXON - UK, M:M - Berlin, MARK WARD - London, MAU MAU - Devon, M-CITY - Poland, MIGHTY MONKEY - London, MOTORBOY - Bristol, MR JAGO - Bristol, OZZY MANDUST - unknown, PAM GLEW - Brighton, PANIK - London, PATCH - Bristol, PØBEL - Norway, PREFAB - Newcastle, RICHT - Bristol, ROWDY - Bristol, SEPR - Bristol, SICKBOY - UK, SIMON MILLS - Bristol, SIXTEN - Sweden, SP38 - Berlin, SPQR - UK, SWEET TOOF - London, THE ART TART - Bristol, TOM HINE - Bristol, TRXTR - Devon, WE DREAM OF MEAT - Bristol, WHAT COLLECTIVE - Bristol, WILL BARRAS - UK, WILL ST LEGER - Dublin

Open everyday 12pm-7pm from Saturday 13th - 23rd December 2008

15 -19 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY

This is a show you must see if your anywhere within a sleigh ride of Bristol

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