Thursday, January 29, 2009

eco bags

ok, so anyone who knows me knows that I'm more than abit obsessed about bags.
I have a vast collection of eco totes to avoid the supermarket checkout people from telling me off ..... (they tut if you ask for a plastic one!)
which is fine as I hate plastic bags, they are ugly, dig into your hands and don't ever biodegrade. So I am pretty amazed that we still use them atall.

So ............ I have designed my very own tote bag, it will be launched at 'Noir' my solo show at Stella Dore, London, heres a sneak peak... they havent actually arrived so this is a kind of preview!
If you'd like to pre-order a bag, please contact
Stella Dore

MATERIAL: Cotton calico, dyed using traditional pigment dyes

SIZE: 38w x 43h - handle length 63cms

PRINT AREA: 28 x 28cms


£15 each

And they are fairtrade accredited, so the cotton is from farmers who have decent working conditions and get a better price for their work.


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