Friday, May 30, 2008

Screen Print available now!

Horrah, I signed the Crime Scene prints this week & they now have them ready to send out:

Here it is in all its loveliness, I'm particularly into the frayed edge...

Its a big one 70 x 1 metre on really thick 300 gsm acid free paper, a very limited edition of only 45, and is £245.

Its available through my site in US dollars (although I am based in Brighton, UK, so it will come from me):

and also available through the Fairtrade Gallery Website (who housed my Video Nasty Show, which is extended to be open for the next few Saturdays until 14 June:

Also its on 'The State of Art', a new online gallery that I have just joined, they also sell work by Emin, Hirst & Micallef, so its nice to be in such great company:

There are only 45 in the edition & some were reserved from the solo show

If you reserved one on the opening of the show- THANKS for your patience, you can now collect your print from Tim!

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