Monday, May 05, 2008

Gallery Shots

Ok, so the opening night pics were a bit atmopherically blurry, so heres some more slick pics of the gallery. As I am in the gallery every Sunday, I had the chance to take some pics before the open house hardcore did the rounds....

Heres the monty deep set frame with 'Darkness' on the left, & two of my favourites in the gloss ornate frames (framed by Tim in the gallery)

The long awaited Crime scene print (thats an Artist Proof up there as its still being printed, but is gonna be worth the wait...)

The Big Beautiful Nightmare (which seems to be a favourite to most), some beautifully white framed Red Stencils (all the frames are made by Tim at the gallery)

A view from the stage

Bo the cat making the place look more spooky. (flowers from my friend Tracy)

The stage with The Crime Scene print framed, behind is the huge 'Conquer' flag & Outside Threat on the left

I had a great time meeting people in the gallery, the response has been so positive so far, interestingly most people have asked why I use american flags (in a nut shell its because its a reflection of fear culture & american cinema)

Most people seem to want to know who is in what picture (sometimes its best to leave it to the imagination as everyone has their own opinion on who is the great & the good- so in future I think I'm gonna keep this one a secret!)

I'm in every sunday & the gallery is open Fri, Sat & Sun until 25 May, so if you haven't been in yet come check it out


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Melva said...

Keep up the good work.


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