Thursday, November 08, 2012

Artists proof for SPARC charity auction

A few months ago, an old friend from my home town of Bude invited me to join a facebook page for regenerating our old play park. It was a little local park for little people and me, my mates used to use it when we went to Primary School, after school or at the weekends wizzing down the slides, running around the merry-go-round until we felt sick & swinging carefree on the swings... many a happy day.

now the park is in a state of disrepair, its in a sorry state and needs regenerating as the little people of statton now can't use it. the swings have been decomissioned, and bit by bit the equipment has been taken away as its not safe.

So, the local community have taken the bull by the horns and started up a charity to fund raise for the Regeration Project.

Little me, now living away from Cornwall, I cant take part in the other fundraisers- so I thought to myself, what to do from afar to raise money. Auction a flag, thats the plan.

So from now (live tonight at 7.29pm!  GMT) Out of the Water Artist Proof will be up for Auction on Ebay

'Out of the Water' Small Jack edition
Artist proof 1 of 5
Pam Glew
Numbered AP 1 of 5 - embroidered in silver
Signed PG12 - embroidered in silver 17 x 27.5cm
Dye and burn out print on cotton vintage union jack.

Burn out print is a type of screen print where the pigment is taken away by screen printing, which reveals the flag beneath the black dye - it is also called 'discharge printing' and is a specialist screen printing technique. This edition is on a real vintage union jack flag The Artist Proof is signed 'PG12' numbered 'AP 1 / 5'. Please bid generously, 100% of the proceeds will go to the regeneration project!

Many Thanks, Pam Glew (artist and former Stratton play park kid)
Bid here

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