Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Armani 30th Anniversary

well this is all very exciting, back in July I was asked if id be interested in doing a little project with armani, would i like to do a project with armani? let me think...... hell yes.

now its all go, and the project has just been launched online
in a nutshell heres how it goes:
Armani's 30th Anniversary is being celebrated by the launch of 1030 online sunglasses. You can customise a pair of cool glasses from a choice of colours, picking the lens and arms colours, even position the logo on the specs. And once you have your new sunnies, you can request a portrait of yourself, made by me. just send back a photo of yourself wearing them and yours truly will make a one -off digital portrait of you, so if you were ever wanting me to do a portrait of you, nows the time!

The project has literally just been launched, so pounce now :)
Customise your sunnies & find out more here

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