Thursday, March 03, 2011

The illustrated dictionary project is back on

After a mega long gap while I was working on the Circus series, I'm happily back to the drawing board. Nothing like quiet time with just a pencil and a bit of chalk to entertain. I'm loving my new 'inktense' pencils, they are like compressed charcoal but in a pencil, and it becomes like indian ink when abit of water is added. Pretty lovely. The thing i disliked about normal pencils is the shiny colour of lead, it was a real battle with this drawing project, as that sheen was bit distracting, so now armed with my 'inktense' doddlers I have the tools to carry on........

Below is a sketch of Marion Davies using these lushly dark pencils in Bark and Ink Black.

This is a sketch of Clara Bow, with 'Boheme' on the Dictionary page, so I called this one La Boheme, one of my favourite operas. I guess Clara was a kind of bohemian, all that lolling about in velvet and reclining on chaise longues, makes me want to wear satin house robes and drink nothing but gin fizz.

And a portrait of Polish actress Pola Negri. While drawing this one I obsessed over the camel and camel keeper behind the left eye, so I called her 'East'.

I'm trying to add new drawings weekly, as each sketch is really useful prep for the next solo show in London (in Mauger Modern, May), So check back to keep tabs on my progress, hopefully I'll start on the rest of the Es soon, ah that'll be nice, 5 letters down


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