Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stitchy Stitchy

Call it OCD or insanity if you will, but stitching words has become a major part of my latest work and occupied a good part of the 'Old Glory' Show.

I spent many many hours hand sewing these small works. Its like the antithesis of most of my other work, its slow and methodical, repetative but strangely satisfying.

It certainly occupies a completely different head space to spraying stencils.... but I guess cutting stencils is just as repetative. Stencilling is seen as rebelious because of its street art roots, but its easy to forget that someone needs to cut out the stencils for hours & they have probably spent ages staring at their screen in photoshop tweaking the image, so its all a choice of methodology, cutting, stitching, photoshopping, stencilling, ironing, its all an ongoing process...

Heres my latest::

See more here on my stitch 2 gallery page.........

The PDF catalogue of the latest show can be found on the steal from work website here

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