Saturday, April 26, 2008

just to be clear

I think as I near the opening of the Video Nasty show I should make it obvious what its all about.

It is not a celebration of Americana
It is not a celebration of Video Nasties
It is not a celebration.

I make this work, the Fear work, as I am perpetually angered by the media, by America's foreign policy, by the illegal war that is fuelled by money hungry institutions (the federal reserve & the weapons industry).

I am angered by George Bush & his puppeteers.

I believe that we are being manipulated to believe in a threat of terrorism, only this week newspapers are stirring up stories about nuclear reactor in Syria. Is this fear mongering going to result in yet another illegal war?

I hate to be so blunt, but I am not making this work to please.
If it offends then I have perhaps done something more worthwhile than paint a nice picture. Art doesn't have to be pleasing

I am just as disillusioned by the British government as the American government. Tony Blair got us into this ridiculous war in Afghanistan & Iraq, because the numbers added up. International Banks, the weapons industry do very well out of war. So making the public scared, vacuous & numb is just how they want us.

We need to question more. We need to protest more. Above all we need to think more.

This consumer world we live in, its a distraction from reality;

Video Games
Films (and horror!)
The latest electronic toy
The latest trainers
It keeps the public entertained & not questioning.

We are like children with too many toys.

A frightening amount of America's population is illiterate. As G.W.Bush put it "one of the
great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures." Half the adult population of USA are illiterate. That is frightening. it is worst in Miami- 63%.

Entertained we may be, ignorant we are.

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